Confirmed Invited Speakers

So far, the list of confirmed invited speakers in each symposium is as follows:

Agricultural and food safety

Jenny Nelson, Agilent Technologies, Inc., USA: “Using elemental profiling to establish authenticity of food and beverages”

Todor Todorov, Food and Drug Administration, USA: “Elemental analysis of food samples by laser ablation ICP-MS: current advancements and challenges”

Environmental Analysis

Hind A. Al-Abadleh, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Satyendra Bhavsar, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Marc-André Gagnon, Agilent Technologies Canada

Jonathan J Grandy University of Waterloo, Canada

Skip Kingston, Duquesne University, USA

Walter Gössler, Karl-Franzens University, Austria

Moustapha Oke, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Xavier Ortiz, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Pamela Wee, Agilent Technologies Canada

Industrial applications

Chaoyang Huang, Southern Research Institute, USA

Nanomaterials and their analysis

Petra Krystek, Vrije University (VU) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. "Analytical insights into exposure studies of nanomaterials"

Chady Stephan, PerkinElmer Canada

José-Luis Todoli, University of Alicante, Spain: “ICP-MS high temperature nanoparticles characterization”

Sample introduction systems for the inductively coupled plasma

Vassili Karanassios, University of Waterloo, Canada: “Towards taking part of the lab to the sample: from lab-scale ICPs to battery-operated microplasmas-on-chips”

Carlos Sánchez, University of Alicante, Spain: “Use of total sample consumption system for the elemental and isotopic analysis of bioethanol”

José-Luis Todoli, University of Alicante, Spain: “Achieving accuracy in elemental analysis through ICP spectrochemistry”

Speciation analysis

Joerg Feldmann, University of Aberdeen, Scotland: “Targeted and non-targeted speciation analysis: the age of the non-metal speciation analysis using ICPMS has begun”

Jürgen Gailer, University of Calgary, Canada: “Comparative fate of Cd and Hg species in erythrocyte cytosol”

Kelly LeBlanc, National Research Council of Canada: “Selenium Speciation Analysis and Applications of Isotope Dilution”

Louise Meunier, Queen’s University, Canada: “Chemical speciation influencing the bioaccessibility of arsenic from gold mine tailings”

Zoltan Mester, National Research Council of Canada: “Certified reference materials for trace metal speciation”