As the new Student Representative, I’d like to welcome all undergraduate and graduate students. The Canadian Society for Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy (CSASS) is aware that you will shortly be among our chemist colleagues, thus it has renewed its commitment to foster higher student participation and involvement in the society. The student section was conceived to give you the professional edge, let you network with top professionals, and provide you with scientific meetings and direct access to research. Your voice will help us identify the needs and concerns of younger chemists and to develop activities responsive to their needs. We value your input and views in any of the decision-making processes. This student representative position is one the committee would like to see as an elected position in the future. Currently, CSASS is considering several ideas that directly affect students. Creating student chapters has been proposed, and if you are interested in starting this in your school, please feel free to contact me. This section of the website is also new and we hope it addresses all of your questions. We are also considering starting a newsletter that will be sent out to chemistry departments in Canadian universities. Also, there are several ideas proposed to encourage student authors to publish in the Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy and to support student research by presenting awards for excellence in research and other contributions to the chemistry community. One student incentive program that already exists in the society is the presentation of poster awards at the annual conference sponsored by the SSC.

Your participation is needed. Join CSASS as a student member and encourage your friends to join us too. We are striving to promote student involvement and to increase the benefits for student members. Your membership will improve your image, help you to keep up to date with advances in spectroscopy and analytical chemistry by supplying you with a copy of the Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy as well as provide a network to expand your access to others.

Don’t be afraid to get involved. You’ll be welcomed with open arms! Tell us your comments, suggestions or questions by contacting me at:

Shulan Liu
Student Representative on the National Executive Committee for CSASS

Benefits to Society Membership

Student membership is FREE!

Student members are eligible to apply for a STUDENT BURSARY AWARD. Details and application form can be found here in pdf format.

  • DISCOUNTS ON REGISTRATION FEES for the International Conference on Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy (ICASS) and associated workshops
  • A COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION to the Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy
  • SPECIAL EVENTS geared toward students, such as the upcoming career fair, as well as events that are open to all society members, like local chapter workshops and seminars
  • A COMPLIMENTARY NEWSLETTER, the Canadian Spectroscopic News is sent out three or four times a year
  • MAKING CONNECTIONS AND NETWORKING are made easier with published lists of society members and the chance to meet people working in your field while attending events in your local area or ICASS