Confirmed Invited Speakers

So far, the list of confirmed invited speakers in each symposium is as follow

Agricultural and food safety

Jenny Nelson (Agilent Technologies)

Sample introduction systems for the inductively coupled plasma

Yoshitaka Takagai (Fukushima University) “Dual port chamber for the functional analysis in ICP-MS”

Sample Preparation for Spectrometrys

Jefferson Santos de Gois (Rio de Janeiro State University) “New Materials Applied for Preconcentration Methods”

Enea Pagliano (National Research Council Canada)“Use of trialkyloxonium salts as derivatizing agents for gas chromatography mass spectrometry"

C. Derrick Quarles Jr. (Elemental Scientific)

Speciation Analysis

Iris Koch (Royal Military College of Canada)

C. Derrick Quarles Jr. (Elemental Scientific)

Andre Castillo (Queen’s University)

Kelly LeBlanc (National Research Council Canada) “Distribution of Selenium-Containing Metabolites in Selenized Mushrooms”